The Fastest Cellular + WiFi 
Mobile Credit Card Reader

Patrons Spend Less Time Waiting in Line

PatronPay is designed for those who want a dedicated payment or donation device that is fast, simple to use, secure and reliable. Dual-SIM capability, provides the cellular coverage to take credit card, contactless, cash or member payments from anywhere. Set up custom dollar amounts with Quick Pay or track items or products sold with Shopping Cart mode, both of which have a one screen check-out process.
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PatronPay Uses

Take Payments

Parking, food, beverage, products, services and gate receipts.

Take Donations

Events, collections, merchandise, gate receipts and ticketed items.

The PatronPay Advantage

Designed for Speed

Both Quick Pay and Shopping Cart modes give your patrons a faster checkout.

Cellular Built-in

Comes with a data plan, so it can be used anywhere!

Fits in a Pocket

On-the-go, on a countertop or mounted to a kiosk.

Low Processing Fees

Get 2.5% + 8¢ on all tap, chip and swipe transactions.

Connect with Patrons

Text or print receipts. Customers can view their history from a link on your site.

Multiple Configurations

Detailed statements by employee, item, event or location.

How it works

Designed for speed, ease of use and security, PatronPay can be set up in Quick Pay or Shopping cart modes.
1. Choose Amount or Item

Select amount in Quick Pay or product/items from the Shopping Cart.

2. Accept Payment
Patrons Tap, Dip or Swipe their credit cards or use their phones.
3. Send Receipts

Text receipts or move to the next Patron if none is required.

4. See Deposits
Payments sent to your bank account and view reports on our Patron Portal.

What Customers are Saying

“We have just started using PatronPay and are very excited. Immediately, you can see how easy it to use and how fast we can check out our customers.”


Food Truck

“We have been involved with PatronPay since it’s early inception. The founders are committed, passionate and we know their device will be a huge benefit for our non-profit going forward.”


Non-profit Organization
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