Only Pocket Sized POS Guaranteed to Work Anywhere...Even when your cell phone Doesn't!


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QuickPay Mode (The FASTEST)
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Overview of Patron Pay

PatronPay was founded just over 5 years ago when Glenn Butler, our founder and owner, got stuck in a line to a community event because he was no longer carrying cash. The volunteers were using Square and as usual having problems. He said -- "I can come up with a solution to this problem!".

The first 10 devices where hand built by Glenn hmself and 3D printed, but they had something novel -- a touch screens with configurable buttons, they ran on cellular, and they did credit card transactions in <10 seconds and got each person through the line in 20 seconds.

From there, we kept in innovating...
  • Key differentiators
    • The device 
      • Size of a phone, but not a phone
      • All types of payment
      • Two carrier SIM cards, never need wifi
      • Switch configurations instantly <—NOONE else has this!
  • Our customers
    • A lot of people that are frustrated with square’s bad service and hidden fees
    • Sports tournaments and events
    • Country Clubs
    • Charity: Fundraisers, Charities, Places of Worship, schools (even Girl Scouts)

Dual-SIM, Cellular Pocket Sized POS

The PatronPay Pocket takes credit card, contactless, cash or club member payments quickly and easily. Set up custom dollar amounts for tickets, parking or gate receipts with Quick Pay, or sell products, parts or services with Shopping Cart mode. Both of which have a one screen check-out process, and better reporting to manage mobile operations.

PatronPay Uses


Parking, food, beverage, products, services and gate receipts.


Events, collections, merchandise, gate receipts and ticketed items.

The PatronPay Advantage


Instant product search, barcode scanner, one-screen checkout, and no signature required, give patrons a faster checkout.


Comes with a cellular data plan. Dual carrier support, plus WiFi, ensures reliable connectivity!


Easily set up different “payment profiles” for any payment or donation use case, even on the same device!


Get 2.5% + 8¢ on tap, chip and swipe transactions.


Only credit card terminal in its class that is  truly mobile – fits in a pocket and no dongles required!


On-the-go, on a countertop or kiosk-mounted.

How it works

Designed for speed, ease of use and flexibility, PatronPay
can be set up in Quick Pay or Shopping cart modes.

What Customers are Saying

“We have just started using PatronPay and are very excited. Immediately, you can see how easy it to use and how fast we can check out our customers.”


Food Truck

“We have been involved with PatronPay since it’s early inception. The founders are committed, passionate and we know their device will be a huge benefit for our non-profit going forward.”


Non-profit Organization