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For about the same price as a mobile data plan for a tablet ($25 / month), you can get an entire mobile payment solution that fits in your pocket.

Unless you are doing very occasional payments, our mobile credit card payments solution has better connectivity, is faster, more flexible and has better reporting.

PatronPay Pocket 2-SIM

One Time Device Fee

$499    $399

Credit Card, Contactless and Mobile Payment Tap, Dip & Swipe Reader.

Software & Data Plans

Plans are per device and include unlimited cellular data usage, unlimited users and unlimited configurations.

$29 per month

Standard Plan

$40 per month

premium plan
Includes everything in the Standard Plan Plus:

Processing Fees

As with all cashless payment solutions, PatronPay deducts a credit card processing fee from each transaction. There are no fees for Venmo, PayPal or Cash Transactions. Card-not-present transactions are 3.5% + 10¢.

2.5% + 08¢ per transaction

PatronPay vastly simplifies the credit card for smaller entities by managing the merchant bank relationship for you. So for those starting out, you can enter into a simple agreement with us and start taking credit card payments, then we will remit the money to your bank with a detailed statement and reporting.

Larger entities can open their own Merchant Account directly with an approved processor.

In both cases, we charge you exactly what we are charged for merchant processing, no more and no less with 100% transparency. In most cases, this will lead to lower processing rates than you get from anyone else!

We are "Lean and Mean" and provide pricing to each Merchant

We will always guaruntee the lowest monthly, processing, and hardware fees (if applicable). Add 100% chargeback protection, most options for electronc signature capture, and 0 merchant fees (cash discounting / surcharging)


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