To Resell or White Label PatronPay

Special message to Distributors, ISO’s and VARs, from Glenn Butler, Founder and Owner

We have built a terrific business basically off of referral sales and word of mouth, and we do really well where the big guys often fail – terrible customer support, overly complicated systems, and devices not working when they should.

But we want to grow!!!

We make it easy for you to add PatronPay to your offerings. In fact, our product is an excellent way to play offense and loose customers to Square, Toast, or Clover.

With PatronPay you will be representing a small, lean and mean company with the lowest costs, and don’t mind sharing the pie generously. What this means is:

    • You can manage your own Merchants and TID’s – we support TSYS, FirstData, Global, and are adding new ones all the time.

    • You can charge whatever you want for our inexpensive hardware (or lease it).  The PAX A77 is most popular for resellers.

    • You share in and set CashDiscounts, Surcharges, or Convenience Fees (we do all three, and implement them the correct way.

    • You can charge whatever monthly fees you want and just need to pay us our minimum software fee.

  • Our only requirement is that we provide the SIM’s as part of our software fee because all our devices are dual SIM and we believe having two SIMS is critical to providing the best customer experience.  (And by the way, if you offer cellular connectivity for other devices and am 100% confident our supplier Granite Telecommunications, can provide you connectivity much cheaper.)

  • If you want to go “all in” we can brand the solution for you and you can sell it under your own name with your own branded apps and web site.

  • If you have watched some of the video’s on our site, you no doubt know that PatronPay is a extremely fast and versatile portable POS system. But it also has some other noteworthy features to reduce chargebacks

    • Front facing camera to reduce chargebacks

    • Automated receipt lookup system using past 4 digits and date, than involves no human interaction.

I would encourage you to reach out to me directly to discuss partnership opportunities.


Glenn Butler

Founder and CEO

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