It happened to Glenn again.                                                                                             

In late July, 2023, Glenn Butler, founder and CEO of PatronPay, was at an outdoor event put on by an organization that he knows well (he refuses to name names). The admission fee was $10, it was starting in 15 minutes and he estimates there were about 1000 people inside and at least 300 waiting to get in.

 He expected the typical payment set up that might include one or two Square readers attached to personal phones, with the following user experience: 

  • There will likely be one phone or reader having problems
  • It will be slow and clunky, but work. Eventually.
  • And hey! At least they take credit cards.
Instead Glenn got a QR Code asking him to enter his credit card information and was charged $1.50 for the convenience fee.

Not even legal where he lives in Massachusetts.

PatronPay would have shipped them 5 or more terminals on a short-term event deal.

  • The organization could have configured there terminals with a 5% cash discount
  • They would have made at least 2% on every credit card transaction–easily paying for the terminals.
  • People would have moved through the lines at an average of 10-20 seconds per person at each terminal.

PatronPay makes it easy for anyone putting on a special event to put in place a speedy and cost-effective credit card solution that can pay for itself and make the organization additional money.   

Give us a call to get started. Our team will preconfigure each terminal to ensure proper set up and overnight them if needed. We guarentee the cash discount will make you extra money and cover your costs without overcharging your customers.
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