If you own a small retail shop or a mobile business and you think you need an expensive POS solution, check out PatronPay.

    • It’s battery powered and works off of cellular so it won’t go down with your internet
    • It fits in your pocket.
    • You can load it with 1000’s of products and use the built-in bar code scanner. 
    • Flexible sales tax, prices, and, as always, multiple configurations.
    • Bring the checkout to the customer instead of the customer to the counter–like they do in the Apple Store and high-end retailers.
    • Text Receipts and an automated system for customers enable lookup for lost receipts to eliminate chargebacks. 
    • Full support for cash discounting, convenience fees and surcharges done in compliance with the state laws and the credit card associations regulations.
    • Change prices and configurations right from your mobile phone!
    • Integration with Shopify and Square

If your business is mobile–or could be–then PatronPay is the solution.

75% of our customers base converted from another system. Today they are making more and saving more while enjoying superior customer service.
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