Mobile Payments or Donations should be Fast, Easy, Safe & Secure

Our Mission

We’re on a mission to make it fast and easy for small organizations to take payments from anywhere. We believe in the future of Contactless and Touchless payments and developing affordable, safe and secure solutions that our customers are excited to use.

Why PatronPay?

For about the same price as a mobile data plan for a tables ($39 / month), you can get our entire solution which includes everything mentioned above. Unless you are doing very occasional payments, our solution is faster to use, has much better reporting, and is simpler to set up.

Our Leadership

Our founders have had many years of experience in creating payment systems for companies in the vending, food, coffee and other industries. We realized there were a lot of small organizations who relied on clunky cell phone or tablet solutions that worked for very occasional use, but not much esle, and decided to start PatronPay to bring something a new and unique offering.

Glenn Butler

Founder & CEO

From Boston and CapeCod, MA, Glenn has designed and developed multiple payment solutions, has founded several businesses and
is the best Fractional CTO in the Northeast!

Glenn has a unique ability to match business challenges to technical solutions that are easy to implement, use and manage.

Damien Moroney

Co-Founder & CPO

From Boston, MA, Damien has commercialized payment and software solutions for the vending and coffee service industries,
and has worked with both startup and large organizations.

Running his own consultancy for several years, Damien understands
the unique challenges small business owners experience.

Paul McElhinney

Rock Star & CRO

Paul’s career has spanned design engineering for world-class technology companies, like Raytheon; business development for technical product and service providers, like imachines/Lucent Technologies; and strategic leadership for startups—with responsibility for fundraising, market development, and partnerships.

Prior to launching PrimeVu, Paul founded and led Vert, Inc., a digital advertising technology innovator that deployed taxi-top displays in New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, and other cities.