PatronPay offers the ultimate in flexibility for charities, places of worship, museums and schools.

Charities and other non-profit organizations love the size and portability of our terminals, as well as the multiple configurations that enable customization based on event.

      • Entry at the football game on Friday night
      • Bake sale on Saturday
      • Theater tickets on Sunday night

We separate all data by user so organizations can keep track of who raised the money and who gave it. And by configuration, so you know what money came in from what event.

Our founder, Glenn Butler, personally raised over $5,000 in scholarship money within two hours by just walking around the cocktail hour with a PatronPay terminal at a charitable event. Data proves that that in-person donations are significantly higher then when potential donors are asked to go online and pledge later

If you are having a large event and need more devices to raise more money, we have short-term loaner programs to accommodate your event and keep more money going to your charitable organization.
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