• For whatever reason, PatronPay has become increasingly popular for a variety of sports related events and facilities. This includes:
    • Hockey rinks that use it for free skate, concessions, even the skate shop, and game day entry.
    • Country Clubs that use it on the golfing carts and poolside for ordering drinks and charging for lessons and Ice Cream.
    • Soccer Tournaments where you need to collect game day fees and get everyone through the line. And then use the same terminal for swag and other gear.
    • And the list goes on and on – even figure skating instructors use it, or the facilities they teach at use the devices to collect money for instructors.
  • The reasons they love PatronPay are:
    • The portability – it uses cellular and works everywhere.
    • The multiple configurations where the same device can be used for free skate and then switched over to concessions. Or for Ice Cream and Concessions and then tennis lessons.
    • The ability to settle tips instantly with cash even on tips collected from credit card and member ship accounts, right after the shift
Remember at PatronPay there are no contracts, hidden fees, and we offer the lowest processing costs. If you decide to switch off our device for any reason, you can return it on a lease, or we’ll buy it back from you (and really, the devices are a lot cheaper than a cell phone or iPad).