Invoicing for Contractors

Whether you’re a house painter or a SAT tutor, chances are you have questions about invoicing for contractors. You wear many hats already: it’s up to you to keep your clients happy, manage the nuts and bolts of your business, and so much more. Though it may not be your favorite part of running your business, streamlining your invoicing process is vital for stabilizing your cash flow while juggling a host of different projects. We’ve talked to a lot of contractors about their process.

We’ve talked to a lot of independent contractors about their invoicing process. Here are the challenges we hear about most often:


You may be an army of one, but with all the tools and tech available today, your clients expect your invoices to look as professional as ones from a huge company. Maybe you offer many different products and services, and struggle to format each invoice in a consistent way. Maybe the services you offer change frequently. We recommend implementing a system that allows you to streamline your invoices, and works well for your unique business model. 


The best way to avoid hunting down payments? Send out those invoices as soon as possible, while the experience (and the exemplary job that you did) is still fresh in the client’s mind and yours. If you’re a tutor with a hectic day of appointments, don’t let the hustle to get to your next student stop you from getting paid. Respecting your own time as a business owner by sending your invoices right away will help set the tone for your customers, and help you get paid promptly.


Chances are, you’re not an accountant. There are probably things you’d rather be doing than invoicing. If you have a team of subcontractors, then you’re also having to manage this process for multiple people. You need to keep track of everyone’s invoicing in a clear way, and make sure your team implements the same systems across the board. How can you make this process as easy for yourself as possible?

Invoicing Solutions for Contractors

Always come prepared with both a power drill and a PatronPay terminal! 

There are many apps and services that generate and track invoices, but one new solution brings both sides of this process together: generating clear invoices, and getting paid on the spot. PatronPay is an all–in-one payment solution that creates invoices, takes payments, and generates receipts, all in one fell swoop. Even better, your clients can pay you right away. Here are some features we like about PatronPay: 

  • Built-in Connection: The PatronPay system comes with its own built-in data plan. No matter how remote the job site, you’ll be able to generate an invoice and get paid as easily as if you were in the office. 
  • Multiple Users: Do you make house calls? Or, does your team occasionally make site visits while you work from your office? The PatronPay terminal does not need to connect to your phone and tablet – it is totally self-contained. Anyone on your team can log in and take it on the road. No need to rely on anyone’s phone or laptop. 
  • On-the-spot Invoicing: we all know that the best time to get a payment from a client is right then and there. PatronPay allows you to do this by setting up options ahead of time for the services you offer, and your fees. Then, for each client, you can quickly select the correct services, calculate the total, and generate the invoice. 
  • Flexible Payment Options: with the PatronPay terminal, your clients can pay you on the spot via credit card, Venmo, or even cash. You can send them a receipt while you’re chatting about March Madness, or making your next appointment. And then you’re done! 

We’re all about any tools that make invoicing for contractors less of a hassle. Check it out at

the mighty PatronPay terminal

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