POS Systems for Food Trucks

From tacos to lobster rolls, who doesn’t love a food truck? Running a food truck comes with unique challenges. As a food truck owner, you’re going to need a POS system that is just as nimble as your business itself. If your business is on the small side, you may be wondering: do I need a POS system at all? 

We say yes. The varied demands of running a quick-serve food business out of a truck will pull you in many directions. A simple POS system can streamline your operation and make your lunch rush run easier. To grow your business and stay current, you’ll need to take contactless and mobile payments. But which POS system is right for you? Below is our analysis of a few of the options of the market in terms of pricing, mobility, and functionality.


  • POS systems come in a vast range of pricing options. If you are the CEO of a food truck empire with a budget to match, TouchBistro is a comprehensive option with a vast range of customizations. In addition to its POS functions, you can use it for a wide variety of CRM tasks, including employee performance management, and even clocking in and out. The pricing is $69 a month, and you have to buy your own iPad to use along with it. 
  • Square POS does not charge any monthly fees – the software is free to use. They even have a version specifically for food service: Square for Restaurants. However, once again you’ll need to buy your hardware (options from $49 to over $1K) and pay for mobile data. 
  • PatronPay is a newer option on the market, representing a middle ground in terms of pricing. Your hardware, the PatronPay Terminal, is $399, and you’ll also pay for a dedicated data plan for the device at $25 a month. PatronPay represents a newer take on the mobile POS system in that you do not need to use your own iPhone, but instead are investing in an all-in-one system of hardware and software that is designed to work together.
POS Systems – get them while they’re hot!


  • When you do business out of a truck, your POS system needs to adapt to your surroundings everywhere you go. That means you need to be able to take orders and process payments even if you don’t have access to wifi. This is where the PatronPay’s built in data plan comes in handy – your customers won’t have to wait for a slow connection in order to get their artisanal milkshakes. If you also do business outside your food truck (at special events, etc), this is a smart option. 
  • Whichever POS system you choose, make sure it comes with a method for taking payments anywhere you go – whether offline mode or built-in wifi.


  • What you need from your POS system depends greatly on the size and shape of your business. If you have an enterprise-level food truck business and need your POS to help manage warehouse inventory, staffing, marketing, and more, consider Touch Bistro. 
  • Square also offers many different CRM add-ons, if you are tech savvy. However, Square’s customer service is notoriously difficult to navigate, making it a poor choice for the less technically-inclined.

Customer Experience

If you prioritize a streamlined and stress-free user experience, PatronPay is the way to go. It offers a simple POS system that prioritizes reliable, fast checkout and dead simple payment management. There is no fumbling around with additional components while your customers’ food gets cold. With PatronPay,  you can continue to focus on what you do best. Learn more here.

the PatronPay terminal

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